Become a hippie expert: Our glossary for alternative and hippie clothing

Here you will find our glossary of the most important terms in our virblatt fashion. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. 


  • Aladinhos

Aladdin trousers are a type of trousers that have a low crotch and are wide from the waistband to the knees. On the lower frets there are usually rubber frets or bands to close. Aladdin pants originally come from the Arabic and Asian regions and are worn there by men and women as traditional clothing. That's why this type of pants got its name Aladdin pants. Also known as harem pants. Read more here. 

  • Alternative clothing & alternative fashion

Alternate clothing means an alternative to the well-known mainstream clothing. Mainstream clothing usually doesn't differ much from the design and style and their patterns are usually used again and again and only slightly modified. That's why alternative clothing wants to offer its own individual fashion style and, also in terms of fair production, be an alternative to fashion goods that are mass-produced under poor conditions. 


  • Organic clothing & organic fashion

In principle, organic clothing is an article of clothing made from natural materials such as cotton, wool or, for example, hemp. Furthermore, there are several seals on the market today, which distinguish organic clothing due to ecologically compatible production and thus offer the consumer the opportunity to consciously buy more sustainable clothing. 

  • Boho

The term boho comes from the French term bohème and stands for an unbourgeois and unconventional style of fashion and furnishing. The term boho was coined in France by an artistic movement in the 19th century and also stands for a bohemian lifestyle with social and political views that differ from the mainstream. 

  • Boho clothing / fashion
  • Boho Style & Boho Look
  • Boho Outfit
  • Bohemian
  • Low

Baja is a region in Mexico that consists of the two Mexican states of Baja California and Baja California Sur. Baja clothing originally dates back to the colonial era. The Spanish settlers there once woven Verga fabrics in a traditional way and made them into Baja hoodies and Baja Ponchos processed. 

  • Baja Hoodie

A Baja Hoodie is a closed pullover with a large hood and a large pocket on the front, which is typical for Baja Hoodies. This is usually made of a woven Jerga fabric, which is striped and has an ethnic look. 

  • Ballerinas
  • Cotton
  • Boho Chic
  • Ballonhose
  • Bast
  • bamboo clothing


  • Canvas



  • ethnic clothing

Ethno comes from the term ethnology. Ethnology deals with the social and cultural structures of ethnic (historical) tribes. Thus orients itself Ethno Mode and ethnic clothing of fashion styles of traditional tribes. Mostly woven fabrics and bright colors are typical for ethnic style clothing. 

  • Espadrilles


  • Fast Fashion
  • Make Fashion
  • festival clothes

festival clothes should not only look flashy and extravagant. Your festival outfit, whether for women or men, should also be practical and functional. It depends on robust, breathable fashion equipped with many storage compartments. In addition, it is always advisable to have rainproof and warm options at hand.

  • Fleece


  • GOA

GOA is a region in southwest India. In the 1960s, dropouts and hippies traveled there to live freely together according to their values and ideas. 

  • GOA clothing

The term GOA was formed by the dropout and hippie movement in the 1960s. When many devotees made the pilgrimage to the GOA region on the west coast of India to live an open and spiritual way of life in gatherings, parties and also in everyday life. This is where the music style GOA Trance came from. Even today, festivals and parties can be found all over the world where people celebrate their open-minded values together. GOA clothing is a certain fashion style worn by supporters and visitors of such festivals and parties. Whether elf style clothing or psytrance clothing, the look is unique and unmistakable. 

  • GOA Style
  • GOA Hose

GOA Hosen are an important part of GOA clothing. They are mostly wide-cut, robust and are ideal for exuberant dance evenings or a rough stomp at the next festival.

  • Gypsy
  • Gypsy Style & Gypsy Look


  • hemp shoes

Hemp shoes are shoes made from hemp fabrics, which in turn are made from hemp fibers. Hemp is ideal for making shoes because of its robust, hard-wearing and dirt-repellent properties. Discover Hemp shoes for men and Hemp shoes for women in our virblatt hippie shop. 

  • Hippie
  • Hippie Chic
  • hippie bags

Hippie bags are bags that often have ethnic patterns and fringes. Often hippie bags are also crocheted. This type of fashion is worn by classic hippies but also by modern, freedom-loving people.

  • Hippie Shop

in one Hippie Shop you will find alternative clothing and hippie clothing. This fashion is for people with an unconventional, cosmopolitan and compassionate attitude to life, who refrain from violence and are critical of the system and classic forms of society.

  • Hippie Clothing & Hippie Fashion

hippie clothing is colourful, airy and easy to wear like her movement. It reflects the hippie lifestyle and is colorful or simply cut wide. Behind this hippie fashion is also an attitude to life that is embodied by wearing it. 

  • Hippie Style & Hippie Look
  • Hippie Outfit
  • Hippie Hose
  • Haremshose

Are harem pants still modern and where do harem pants actually come from? Our answer is quite clear: Yes! Haremshosen are modern. They come from Asia and the Arab world and are known for their wide-cut trouser legs and high wearing comfort. Even today, elegant harem pants can be found on the catwalks of the big fashion brands. 

  • hemp
  • hemp clothing

hemp clothing is clothing made from hemp fibers. Hemp is resource-saving in cultivation and requires no or far fewer insecticides and pesticides. Hemp is also convincing as a material. It is robust, odor-resistant and, among other things, very suitable for sensitive people with allergies. 

  • Heilsteine


  • Indian clothing


  • Jute
  • Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are versatile one-piece garments that combine top and pants in a stylish and comfortable design, perfect for a variety of occasions and styles. Learn more here


  • Kimono
  • Short harem pants


  • Linen
  • Dungarees

Dungarees are distinctive, practical and fashionable garments characterized by their straps and loose fit, offering a casual, versatile option for everyday outfits and casual looks.


  • Mode
  • mottled
  • Mexican Poncho

As typical Mexican Poncho or Mexican ponchos (German) are ponchos for men and women that have a large pocket on the front and are usually made of striped and woven jerga fabrics. 


  • sustainability
  • Sustainable clothing & sustainable fashion
  • nature clothing


  • Eco
  • Eco Clothing & Eco Fashion


  • Poncho

Ponchos are basically blankets with a slit or hole through which the head and neck can be pushed. Ponchos for men and women are ideal for the transitional seasons of spring and autumn. They keep your back, shoulders and chest warm.

  • Psy
  • Psychodelic
  • Psytrance clothing

Psytrance clothing is referred to as a fashion trend that is mostly worn at festivals, parties and events, where predominantly psytrance is played as a music style or performed live. 

  • Pumphose

The bloomers are characterized by a low crotch and wide-cut trouser legs. The bloomers are tied at the bottom of the knee or pulled together with an elastic waistband. The bloomers are also known as sarouel pants, aladin pants or Haremshose known. 

  • Patchwork



  • Recycling
  • Reggae clothing

Reggae clothing is a style of clothing closely associated with reggae music and Rastafarian culture. It is characterized by bright colors and natural materials. virblatt offers a unique selection of reggae clothing that reinterprets the clothing style and combines it with hemp clothing, ethnic clothing and hippie style. You will find this here.


  • sandals
  • Sarouelhosen

Sarouel pants have a roomy cut that flares out from the waistband all the way down, only to be tied or gathered with an elastic band below the knees. This type of trousers is not only suitable as hippie clothing but also perfect for the oversize look. experience here more about the sarouel pants, also known as harem pants.  

  • sheep wool
  • spiritual clothing

Spiritual clothing is more than just a piece of clothing. It expresses a certain philosophy of life and shows that one deals with spiritual topics. It can contain symbols, patterns and colors that connect to spirituality and therefore have a deeper meaning. You can find out more about spiritual clothing here here.

  • summer shoes
  • summer clothes
  • Slow Fashion
  • embroidery


  • Thai Fishermans Pants


  • Upcycling
  • Unisex


  • Vintage


  • To want
  • wool clothes
  • Wool jacket
  • winter clothing
  • weaving



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