Hanf Kleidung von virblatt

Join us at work

We have been proud hemp farmers for about 2 years. We work with an ethnic minority of the Hmong outside of Chiang Mai and grow hemp there under strict regulations the use of clothing. The Hmong hill tribe have been making fabrics and textiles for generations Clothing made of hemp and above all has worldwide acquaintance from the insidious goings-on of the CIA in Laos during the Vietnam War. But the people are one peace-loving people who live mainly in the mountains around the Golden Triangle settled.

It was incredibly exciting for us to find out where our hemp comes from and it is even more exciting to be involved in the cultivation of this wonderful plant and to be able to actively participate. Away from our laptops and out into life and among local people whose stories fascinate us.

When you buy hemp clothing from virblatt, you know that it has been cultivated naturally and without fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, the hemp is spun by hand according to old tradition and woven by hand with a wooden loom.

We'll take you on this incredible journey and you can follow what's going on in our hemp field in the blog posts.


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