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Timeless hippie look: Discover your freedom with our hippie clothing collection

Many wonder what hippie clothing and hippie clothes are exactly. Is that Flock Power clothing colorful with flowers and flashy patterns? Or is that much more a different expression for alternative clothing and suitable for the hippie of modern times. The festival goer, the backpacker or the one hitchhiking through Europe. The hippie style has changed significantly over the last few decades, although many elements that were typical of the hippie movement of the time can still be found in today's hippie clothing. Hippie clothing is mostly worn by nature-loving, cosmopolitan and freedom-loving people who live an alternative attitude to life away from the bourgeois. Wide cut Haremshosen, hippie pants, Aladdin pants, ponchos, GOA pants and also shoulder bags and tunics are often associated with hippie clothing. One can certainly assume that flared trousers have developed into harem trousers and Aladdin trousers and are now a typical hippie style. 


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How do I create my own hippie look and hippie outfit?

Of course, you first have to think about what a hippie means to you. Hippies were anti-authoritarian, freedom-loving and cosmopolitan. They opposed the world order and the class differences and performance norms that came with it. Basically, hippies were against any kind of violence and detested wars. Even the modern hippie with an alternative and nature-loving lifestyle discovers one or the other value concept that was already actively lived and celebrated in the 1960s. So when you put together your hippie outfit and create your hippie look, you should also radiate these values ​​and a hippie look should be anything but mainstream and rather unconventional. Second-hand clothing and recycled fashion are also ideal for this. However, if you are looking for something new that also convinces with quality and durability, then you have come to the right place with hippie clothing for women and men from virblatt. We offer you in our online shop ethnic clothing like harem pants, hippie pants, GOA Hosen, kimonos, ponchos and hippie shoes. So click through our shop and create your hippie look or your hippie outfit today. 

Hippie Outfit



  • An old vest with a patch is always good
  • An old jacket is also welcome as a jacket
  • Big belt buckles are a must
  • Prefer second-hand clothes
  • Loose and comfortable shirts
  • Cut off old jeans and leave them frayed
  • Big sunglasses with nice round lenses
  • Flower decorations in the hair are a must
  • sandals, boots or moccasins
  • Many bracelets according to the motto: more is better
  • Fringes, fringes and more fringes
  • Ankle chain with bells that jingle beautifully when dancing
  • Headscarf or a ribbon to tie around
  • Long hair or dreadlocks
  • Rather face paint than make-up

Where can I find the nearest hippie shop with alternative hippie fashion?

We at virblatt only run an online hippie shop for hippie clothes and not a local shop. You can click through our site and you will find a variety of exciting designs of hippie clothes, which we all design ourselves and lovingly manufacture with our friendly partners in northern Thailand and Nepal. When it comes to hippie fashion, it shouldn’t just depend on which style and look you express with it, but also whether the production corresponds to the values ​​of a hippie. Hippies stood against oppression and so we want everyone involved in the production of virblatt festival clothes be paid fairly and given the respect they deserve. 




Is hippie clothing also suitable for everyday use?

We get asked this question a lot and we think that everyone should decide for themselves how they dress and how they feel comfortable. In the end it comes down to wearing the clothes you like and not to please someone else. So if you like to wear your hippie outfit to the office, why not? We think that's really great.

Here you will find Hippie pants for men and Hippie pants for women.


How can you support our reforestation project?

If you order hippie clothing for women or hippie clothing for men in our shop, you have the opportunity to make a small donation at the end of your order in our hippie shop. From this donation we are busy planting trees in Northern Thailand, where we have been at home for a long time and to which we still feel very connected today. We are planting a mixed forest there with over 30,000 trees, which is not only intended to store CO2, but is also a wonderful habitat for a large number of animals and creatures.  

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