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Alternative apparel

Here you can find unique clothing for men and women

At virblatt there is a wide range of unique clothing for men and women. We offer an excellent selection of harem pants and genie pants with the most amazing colors and patterns. Our products combine craftsmanship and far Eastern tradition. The decoration patterns originate from scarfs lovingly embroidered or woven by hand by Southeast Asian hill tribes (Naga & Hmong). This is why your clothes are unique.

We concentrate on the slow fashion process emphasizing a significant importance to the selection of high quality materials, on how eco-friendly they are, and fair working conditions of our suppliers. virblatt works close to his suppliers and on the same foot because for us is more than just selling clothes, we are passionate about it and we fully stand behind every products. bonzaai alternative clothingWe are constantly developing and so do our alternative apparel. You can learn more about virblatt and our aim, you can be part of our family: what we do and why we do it.

Harem pants women and harem pants men

Most of our harem pants are UNISEX and this means they can be worn equally by men and women. The harem pants are also known under different names but all with the same characteristic as the low crotch. They might be called: hippie pants, parachute pants, mc hammer pants, baggy pants,flowy pants or ballon pants. The harem pants have an elastic waistband and are thus one-size-fits-all-pants. This is what makes our selection special and your clothes unique.

Genie pants for women and genie pants for men

For a perfect freedom of movement, for all the occasions, the must have genie pants by virblatt. In a wide range of colors and styles, they are one-size and UNISEX. The genie pants are well known as Aladdin pants and drop crotch pants or buddha pants for their low crotch that reaches the ankles. The genie pants have an elastic band at the waist and to the anklet, making them the most comfy pants ever.

Cropped pants, rave pants, plus size harem pants and kids harem pants

Besides harem pants and genie pants we offer much more for every day need. We have summer pants as cropped pants in harem style, rave pants, plus size harem pants and kids harem pants for the youngest. All our pants are very practical thanks to the zippered pockets, elastic waistband and elastic cuffs. Alternative apparel for everyday by virblatt.

Alternative apparel

Mainstream is not what you're looking for? Would you like some alternative apparel and hippie outfit to match your alternative lifestyle? Then you are exactly at the right place at virblatt. We always keep our eyes open for exquisite products that are inspired by the world and its cultures. This way we offer a variety of alternative apparel, that tell a story. Each piece of our hippie outfit is designed by us and its production is closely followed.

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