Ethnical minorities and family businesses
Alternative materials like hemp clothing and bamboo clothing
Own designed hippie clothes and harem pants
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Harem pants for men and women
Baja hoodies and baja jackets


Hemp bags and hippie bags
Hemp shoes and hippie shoes


Ethnic clothes and hippie clothes

Slow fashion made by virblatt

virblatt offers a wide range of hippie clothes for men and women. Over the last years we developed a unique clothing style of hippie pants, harem pants and yoga pants. The goal is to establish an alternative apparel and ethical clothing brand, which is a real alternative compared to mass produced fast fashion. Therefore, we experiment with several sustainable materials like bamboo and hemp and offer hemp clothing for a fair price in our online shop. Our journey never ends and day by day we learn more about those exciting organic and sustainable fabrics. 


Harem pants for men and women

It doesn´t matter if you call them harem pants, balloon pants or genie pants. Those drop crotch pants are amazingly comfortable to wear. We love harem pants and dedicated our passion into new designs and a higher quality of our products. If you like doing Yoga, Pilates and dancing, you can also wear them as yoga pants. The wide leg pants provide maximum flexibility. You can select between pants with a very low crotch or just a slightly dropped crotch. Most models are UNISEX, only a few pants are harem pants for men or harem pants for women only. With the change of our brand from bonzaai to virblatt we started to design all of our harem pants by our own. Take a look in our shop and you will find our love in each of those products. 


Baja hoodie and baja jacket

Online you can find a lot of baja hoodies and baja jackets. Our goal is to put the drug rug jackets and hoodies on a higher level concerning quality and design. Therefore, we use high quality zippers and a cotton inner layer to provide strength and a great wearing comfort of the baja hoodie. The baja fabric patterns remind of ethnic south American clothing. Plus, the Mexican hoodie is made in the style of a hippie hoodie or hippie jacket. As we focus more and more on sustainable materials we launched a collection of hemp jackets and hemp hoodies recently. The hemp is cultivated and woven in Nepal and the hemp clothing is manufactured in a family business in this beautiful country full of history and culture. Each year we spend a lot of time in Nepal and we fall in love with the landscape and the locals all over again. Join us on our trip and become part of our virblatt family. 


Hemp bags and hippie bags

virblatt is proud of its collection of hippie bags, hemp bags and boho bags. We use sustainable materials like hemp fabric and combine it with handcrafted hill tribe patterns to create unique ethnic bags. We offer a wide range of own designed hemp backpacks in the style of boho backpacks and hippie backpacks. For this purpose, we visit hill tribes in remote areas and search for new woven or knitted patterns, that are full of new in inspiring stories. The diversity of ethnic art leads to an amazing variety of traditional handcrafted designs. 


Hemp shoes

You search for hemp shoes, which fit to your alternative lifestyle and are produced in a fair and sustainable way? virblatt uses handwoven hemp fabric to manufacture hemp shoes and hemp sandals. We want to create a perfect summer shoe in the design of hippie shoes. As we believe in a vegan way of life to avoid harming animals and the nature the focus was set on establishing vegan shoes and vegan sandals with a modern design. We are convinced of hemp clothing and aim at establishing this convincing material more and more in the fashion industry. Maybe we are small compared to big multinational cooperations, which are present everywhere. But we believe that every change starts small? Let us plant this seed. Together!


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