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Harem pants for men and women
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Ethnic clothes and hippie clothes

Slow Fashion Made by virblatt

virblatt offers a wide range of ethically produced hippie clothes for men and women. Over the past few years we have developed a unique clothing range of hippie fashion, harem pants and yoga wear. Our goal is to establish top quality alternative apparel that has been lovingly made and designed ethically and responsibly. We have experimented with several sustainable materials such as bamboo and hemp to offer affordable and stylish clothes to our customers so that they can have a real alternative to the mass-produced fast fashion found in chain stores.



Every day we learn more about exciting organic and sustainable fashion alternatives to add to our ethical clothing brand; and every day, we create new collections of hippie pants, harem pants and yoga pants to add to our hemp clothing collection.

Harem Pants for Men and Women

It doesn’t matter if you call them harem pants, balloon pants or genie pants, our drop crotch pants designs have all been created to give you versatile and comfortable fashion alternatives to wear whenever you like. Be it in the yoga studio, at a Pilates class, or even when you go dancing, our Virblatt pants will help you feel relaxed and at ease with their stylish and flexible designs made from top-quality materials. We are driven to deliver top-quality, unique fashion items to add to your wardrobe which are comfortable and suitable harem pants for men or harem pants for women that can be for everyday use. Our drop crotch pants come in a range of options which allow you to choose from very low, or only slightly dropped crotch designs, we also have our own range of eco-friendly yoga pants and wide leg pants for you to choose from.

Each of our designs are carefully created by our virblatt team, meaning that every piece you find in our collection has been made with love and care; have a look at our online store to find your favorite pair of virblatt harem pants.


Baja Hoodie and Baja Jacket

We’ve taken these popular drug rug jacket designs and added our own unique touch to give you a wide range of sustainably produced top-quality Mexican hoodie fashion pieces which are effortless and stylish. Our collection of baja jackets and baja hoodies have been created from hemp fabric harvested and woven in Nepal by a family run business that has been providing our store with top quality traditional material to create baja fabric patterns which we use for our alternative apparel designs. Each of our baja hoodie, hemp jacket and hemp hoodie designs have also been fitted with top-quality durable zippers which are reinforced with a cotton inner layer to add strength and comfort to all our hoodies. The designs of our hippie jacket and hippie hoodie collection drew their inspiration from the colorful and unique ethnic clothing found in South America: combining our appreciation for two wonderful cultures into one, representing the beauty of alternative apparel.


Every year the virblatt team visits Nepal to revisit in the country’s beautiful landscape and people, who inspire much of our creativity and passion for sustainable fashion. If you would like to join us on the next trip, let us know and become a part of our virblatt family!

Hemp Bags and Hippie Bags

virblatt has a close relationship with all its suppliers, and often our team goes in search of distant Hill Tribe people to hear their stories and learn more of their culture and traditions. Our range of ethnic bags, hippie bags, boho bags and hemp bags are a testament to our appreciation for all that we have learned from the people we have met in these remote areas. Each of our unique hemp backpacks, hippie backpacks and boho backpacks have been decorated with handcrafted ethnic designs and patters that are styled to create sophisticated boho backpacks and unusual hippie backpacks which are durable and functional.


Visit our online store, to see which bags you will discover.


Hemp Shoes

We know it can be difficult to find hippie shoes which have been made with ecofriendly and sustainable material that is not only fashionable, but lasting and durable as well, which is why we created our range of hemp shoes and hemp sandals to add to your alternative fashion collection. virblatt has used handwoven hemp fabric to make our range of comfortable summer shoes. We believe that the potential hemp offers for sustainable and ecofriendly fashion goes far and beyond anything we can imagine, and we love that our designs have been carefully created to ensure our vegan shoes and vegan sandals have a footprint that does as little to harm its environment as possible. And while we might not be as big as the corporations which control the fashion industry today, we still think it is important to do everything in our power to make a change for the better.

When you shop hemp shoes with virblatt, you shop with a team of conscious and innovative fashion leaders dedicated to developing a new approach to fashion which empowers its family with clean alternative lifestyle choices which is affordable, comfortable and top-quality.

virblatt – think about it.