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Harem pants have a long history and many meanings. This type of trousers originally comes from Asia and the Arab world. Harem pants are cut wide at the trouser legs. It usually has an elastic waistband at the top and bottom. They usually go below the knees or as short harem pants over the knees. Harem pants were once a traditional attire worn by both men and women. Today, the harem pants are still modern and have often proven themselves as hippie pants or GOA Hosen established. Many young people with an unconventional, cosmopolitan and freedom-loving attitude to life express their way of life and philosophy of life with this type of trousers. 


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Here are typical characteristics of a harem pants:

  • Loose and comfortable fit
  • High waist and low crotch
  • Wide, voluminous legs that taper at the ankles
  • Often elastic waistband or drawstring to adjust fit
  • Made from light and breathable fabrics such as cotton or hemp
  • Often decorated with traditional patterns, embroidery or embellishments
  • Comes in a variety of lengths, from ankle length to knee length

Are the harem pants suitable for everyday use?

Yes, the harem pants can be worn very well in everyday life. There are elegant harem pants and too Harem pants in plain black. Combined with a monochrome tight top, this type of pants harmonizes and therefore the harem pants are still absolutely modern today. Most of the time you see lovers of wine-cut harem pants at festivals or travelers and backpackers. This is mainly due to the fact that these pants are very comfortable but also make a statement. When you come across someone wearing harem pants, it's often clear that the person is open, approachable, and represents values ​​of freedom and compassion. 





How to combine harem pants?

What to wear with harem pants? Of course, many people ask this. But in principle it is very simple. Due to the wide cut, a tight, shoulder-free top is ideal and provides a good contrast to harem pants. The combination fits perfectly. If it gets a little cooler, a cape, kimono or poncho can be pulled over. A simple shirt can also go well with harem pants and creates a boho look that is a bit hipper and more modern. Or rather the easy and light "Schlabberluck". The top and pants cut wide and as hippie clothing or GOA clothing carry. 


Can harem pants be worn by men and women?

Harem pants are absolutely unisex and therefore there are usually only differences in harem pants for women and harem pants for men due to preferences in color and cut details. Nevertheless, most models can be worn by men and women and make this type of trousers an absolute all-rounder. In addition, the wide cut and the elastic waistbands at the top and bottom ensure that harem pants can also be worn in one size by people with different physiques. So harem pants are also suitable for chubby and for large sizes. Haremshosen for children grow with them and thus harem pants can be a loyal and long-term companion. 


What material should harem pants be made of?

We also always recommend natural materials such as cotton or a mix of hemp and cotton for harem pants. Our harem pants are mainly made of cotton and are manufactured to a high quality in small family businesses in northern Thailand and Nepal. 


Which fashion style can you assign a harem pants to?

A harem pants fits perfectly into the hippie style and boho style. It can be ideally combined with our alternative clothing and hippie clothing. For many of our harem pants for men and women, we use hand-woven cloth and decorate the waistband, pockets and other elements with it. This is how it works a bit ethnic clothing, which harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. 




Alternate clothing

We design alternative clothing and let us be inspired by our travels through Southeast Asia. We want to create a style of clothing that you won't find on every corner and offers you an alternative to the whole mishmash in the fashion world. Are you looking for individual fashion? Then stop by our shop.


Ethno Mode

We often decorate our clothes with handmade weaving and embroidery in an ethnic look. We let cultures merge and combine timeless with modern designs. The weaving and embroidery are lovingly made by the indigenous Naga and Hmong hill tribes. Ethno fashion and ethnic clothing for wanderlust with a deep longing for wanderlust.


hemp clothing

In the last few years we have taken a lot with us hemp clothing experimented and now our range enjoys a variety of products made from hemp. The hemp is grown locally in northern Thailand and woven by hand on a loom into a sturdy fabric. This material is ideal for our hemp shoes and hemp bags. 

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