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The term ethnic clothing is derived from the Greek word "ethnos" and translated into German means "people". Ethnic clothing can also be described as clothing from the people, i.e. traditional fashion. Clothing of this type is based on the fashion style of various ethnic tribes and usually combines unusual colors and patterns that are made in a traditional way. This creates a very unique ethnic look. At virblatt, ethnic patterns, weaving and embroidery are often combined in ethnic clothing, creating an unmistakable one Ethnic Style, which skillfully harmonizes tradition and modernity. 


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What are ethnic style patterns?

Ethnic patterns are mostly woven or embroidered patterns with geometric shapes and many colors. We fell in love with fabrics, patterns and colors in ethnic style, which have been traditionally made in Asia by ethnic tribes for many generations. We love handmade ethnic clothing and for us it's less about cultural appropriation and much more about appreciating and reviving this unique craftsmanship. In particular, the woven fabrics of the Naga hill people and the embroidery of the Hmong have cast a spell over us. Befriended artists and we integrate them into our ethnic fashion and thus create alternative clothingthat you won't find on every corner.


What distinguishes ethnic clothing?

Here are some typical features of ethnic clothing:

  1. Patterns and colors: Ethnic clothing is often characterized by bright, eye-catching patterns and colors that can be inspired by different cultures and traditions.

  2. Natural materials: Ethnic clothing is often made from natural materials such as cotton, linen, hemp, wool and silk. These materials are durable, breathable and environmentally friendly.

  3. Handwork: Many ethnic garments are made by hand, which makes each piece unique and individual.

  4. Casual and comfortable cut: Ethnic clothing is often cut loosely and comfortably to convey a feeling of freedom and lightness.

  5. Diverse accessories: Accessories such as jewelry, bags, belts or hats, which can also be inspired by different cultures, often go well with ethnic clothing.

  6. Cultural background: Ethnic clothing can be inspired by different cultures and traditions, such as African, Indian, Latin American or Nordic origin.

Ethnic style clothing


Special clothing in ethnic look

We play with patterns and colors of mostly woven and embroidered fabrics from Asian tribes, who have traditionally been making them mostly by hand for many generations. These fabrics, patterns and colors in the ethnic look usually have a long history and always continue to a certain extent old cultures and traditions. In this way, various tribes have created their own unmistakable looks in their history, which are typical of their culture.

It's nice to take you as our faithful companion on this wonderful journey through foreign cultures and remote places. You feel the love and passion that we put into our hippie clothing stuck and can with your virblatt clothes like ours harem pants, ponchos and kimonos create an individual ethnic look. Most of our products are unisex and we adapt the cut so that it can be worn as ethnic clothing for women and men. Disruptive through our online shop and let yourself be inspired by patterns and colors.



How does virblatt combine ethnic fashion with modern designs?

Hundreds of years ago, hemp was used to make fabric and rope. The Hmong people also use hemp in a traditional way to produce their ethnic fashion. The fabrics are also usually tie-dyed in a natural way in the well-known indigo blue. After the hemp is harvested and made into thread, it is woven by hand on a simple wooden loom. We also use this incredible and today often underestimated material in our hemp clothing such as shoes, bags and backpacks. 

We are pleased that you have found your way to us. If you like our ethnic fashion, please don't forget to support our reforestation project with a small donation at the end of your order. 

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