Immerse yourself in the world of colors and patterns: GOA clothing for unforgettable festival moments

virblatt is your online GOA shop for unusual GOA clothing for men and women. We offer you a wide range of GOA style fashion with GOA trousers, ponchos, kimonos and much more. 

The term GOA was coined by the region of GOA and the front coast of West India. A hippie movement formed there in the 1960s. Parties and ceremonies were and are still held there in order to develop spiritually in the community. Today's GOA scene is also based on this movement and apart from the music genre, many things are comparable to those of the past. At GOA parties, trance and faster GOA sounds are played today, to which visitors and guests dance in ecstasy. 

We at virblatt also love gatherings and any interpersonal exchange and connections between individuals in peaceful togetherness. So we designed GOA clothes with special design, which are perfect as festival clothes and alternative clothing fits every good party. 

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GOA outfit by virblatt

You are looking for individual fashion that you cannot find on every corner. Away from mainstream uniformity, would you like to dress differently and let the strong individual in you come alive? Then you've come to the right place at virblatt. We have been manufacturing GOA style clothing and clothing for more than 10 years ethnic clothing, with which our friends and customers can put together their GOA outfit. This fits ours hippie clothing great and many interesting designs await you in our GOA clothing online shop. 

GOA Outfit


What GOA clothing should I wear to a festival?

A checklist for GOA clothing could look like this:

  • Colorful and eye-catching pants such as harem pants, leggings or Aladdin pants
  • Loose tops such as tunics, hoodies or crop tops in bright colors and patterns
  • Accessories such as jewellery, belts and headbands in an ethnic look
  • Comfortable shoes such as sandals, flip flops or sneakers
  • Light jackets or ponchos for cool evenings or changing weather
  • Colorful hair extensions or temporary tattoos to complete the look

It is important that clothing is comfortable and breathable as GOA festivals are often held outdoors and the dancing can be tiring. Protection from the sun and rain should also be considered. The style should be colorful and eye-catching to reflect the vibrant and creative nature of the GOA scene.


GOA trousers for your perfect GOA outfit

They are cut wide, super comfortable to wear and also look very good. Our GOA pants for men and women and Haremshosen are very popular with our customers and loyal companions. We usually provide the side pockets of our GOA pants with zips, which also makes them impressive because of their functionality. After all, who needs GOA trousers when your belongings are not safely stowed away? So if you are also looking for GOA pants for men and women, just click through our GOA clothing online shop and enjoy your individual outfit for the next festival season. 


Psytrance clothing

Do you also just start dancing when the sun is already rising? Isn't the sound best in the morning? Then we found each other. GOA Psytrance originated in India and even today people with an alternative lifestyle still enjoy the intense bass. To a certain extent, the GOA scene can be compared to the hippie movement of the time. She relies on openness and love. Take the other person as he or she is and meet them openly with full love instead of doubt and prejudice. Here, too, we at virblatt feel at home and have incorporated special elements such as mandalas and geometric symbols into our GOA style designs in recent years, resulting in an unmistakable and unmistakable Psytrance clothing brand. Our customers and friends helped shape this and the virblatt project is still developing today. We play with alternative materials and also lead hemp clothing in our wide range. 

If you would also like to be part of our project, then we ask you to support our reforestation project with a small order at the end of your order. 

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