Festival Kleidung

Individual instead of uniform with your virblatt festival outfit

Tired of being the same and getting lost in the crowd? Festivals are like carnival only better and yes you can attract attention and offend. You should. That's exactly what makes a really good festival. Loud music and shrill people wrapped in funky and creative fashion. 

We at virblatt have taken on the task of providing our friends and customers with festival clothing for women and men and creating a unique festival look that will make you look really good even among thousands of visitors. But what exactly makes a festival outfit? What functions do festival clothes have to fulfill and how can you get ready for the new festival season?

Recommendations for festival outfits


Here is a festival attire checklist:

  1. Comfortable shoes: Choose comfortable shoes that you can stand and dance in for a long time without hurting your feet.

  2. Dress in Layers: Festivals can range from hot sunshine to chilly nights with rain. Make sure to wear layers of clothing to keep you comfortable no matter the weather.

  3. Rain gear: Pack rain gear, such as a waterproof jacket or rain poncho. Rubber boots can also come in handy.

  4. Hat: A hat can protect you from sunburn and round off your outfit. A hat or cap are good options.

  5. Sunglasses: Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun and help you see better when the sun is shining.

  6. Backpack or Bag: A backpack or bag is useful to keep your belongings such as water bottle, cell phone, wallet, sunscreen and other festival essentials safe.

  7. Jewelry and Accessories: Jewelry and accessories can spice up your festival outfit and make you stand out from the crowd. Make sure they are comfortable and sturdy so they can be worn all day.

  8. Fun Clothing: Festivals are a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Get inspired by the festival vibe and wear something you wouldn't normally wear.

  9. Hygiene products: Pack hygiene products like toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste to help you feel fresh and clean.

  10. Small First Aid Kit: A small first aid kit containing plasters, painkillers, eye drops and sunscreen is useful for treating minor injuries and sunburn.

This checklist will help you ensure that you are well prepared for the festival and can fully concentrate on the music and the experience.


What is your festival look actually?

Do you also feel like you've been waiting a year to really party at your favorite festivals again? Summer also means a bit of festival time and makes this season doubly good. The planning beforehand depends on what you take with you and what you wear. It is important that your festival outfit is individual and also practical. But what do we mean by individual? Regardless of whether it's festival clothing for men or women, it's also a bit about embodying festival culture with a festival look. Depending on the festival, one or the other outfit fits better and you can let your imagination run wild and combine different styles. The only thing that doesn't belong at a festival is uniform clothing. So if you are still looking for a suitable festival outfit, then click through our shop and let yourself be enchanted by individual and unique designs. 

Festival Outfit


Why does your festival outfit have to be particularly practical?

Very easy. You live in there and enjoy it. A real festival can be exhausting and wind and weather can also affect your outfit. You immediately have the images in your head of people sliding through mud and feeling incredibly good doing it. That's why your clothes always have to be practical and functional? Here you will find a small checklist when it comes to choosing suitable clothing for festivals:

  • Sturdy fabric
  • Breathable
  • rainproof
  • storage compartments

Practical storage compartments are extremely important, because your valuables such as wallet and mobile phone should always have their place. It is precisely for this reason that we equip ours Haremshosen and GOA Hosen with side pockets with zippers. A festival shoulder bag is also very practical at festivals. It is important that no matter how the emotions boil over and the mood is just about to explode, that you have stowed away your valuables safely. 


Where can I find the best festival clothing shop?

Well, whether we are the best, that assessment is left to others. But what we do know is that our friends and customers are very happy with our alternative clothing and hemp clothing and like to equip themselves with virblatt for the festival season. virblatt is made of high-quality cotton and is therefore breathable and robust. We offer many storage compartments and our Baja jackets always have an additional inside pocket with a zip. you can our ethnic clothing also combine with other styles. Your creativity knows no limits. So it doesn't matter whether you're looking for GOA festival clothing or hippie festival clothing, with us in the virblatt hippie shop you'll find everything you need hippie clothing, GOA clothing and alternative fashion you will definitely find something.

We have been making festival clothing for women and men for over 10 years and we would be delighted if you create your hippie festival outfit for women and men with us and send us a photo of your unique festival look.


The 3 most popular psytrance festivals worldwide:

Opinions on which are the best psytrance festivals can vary wildly depending on individual tastes. However, here are three of the most famous and most attended psytrance festivals worldwide:

  1. Boom Festival in Portugal: Held every two years in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, Boom Festival is considered to be one of the largest and most popular psytrance festivals in the world. The festival is known for its extensive artistic design and stage production, its sustainable and environmentally conscious orientation as well as for its variety of music genres and workshops.

  2. Ozora Festival in Hungary: Held annually in Dádpuszta, Hungary, the Ozora Festival is another well-known psytrance festival. It offers an impressive range of international artists, workshops and art installations. The festival is also known for its spiritual and peaceful atmosphere.

  3. Universo Paralello in Brazil: The Universo Paralello Festival takes place every two years on a beautiful beach in Pratigi, Brazil. It is one of the oldest and most famous psytrance festivals worldwide and has a very loyal fan base. The festival offers an impressive range of music, art, workshops and much more.

However, there are many other great psytrance festivals around the world, so it's worth doing more research and attending different events to find out which one suits you best.

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