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Reggae isn't just a music genre, it's also a lifestyle and a culture. One of the most important aspects of this culture is clothing. Reggae clothing and Rastafarian clothing represents a unique blend of African, Caribbean and Western influences and is known for its bright colors and creative designs. The reggae clothing style stands for freedom, individuality and expressiveness and has its origins in the Rastafari movement, which emerged in Jamaica in the 1930s. If you're looking for reggae clothing, there are numerous options, from specialized reggae shops to general clothing stores that offer reggae and rastafarian clothing. Women in particular have a wide range of Rastafari women's clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. In this blog, we are going to look at the unique style and different options of reggae clothing and rastafarian clothing.


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Reggae - emergence and history of a music genre

Reggae is a genre of music that originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s and is now known around the world. Reggae emerged from a combination of different styles of music, such as ska and rocksteady, and was shaped by the Rastafari movement.

The Rastafarian movement emerged in Jamaica in the 1930s and was shaped by the idea that former Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie was the messiah. The Rastafarians believed that as descendants of enslaved Africans in Jamaica, they had their roots in Africa and that by believing in Haile Selassie they could attain their spiritual liberation.

Reggae music was shaped by the Rastafarian movement and reflects their values and ideals. Reggae is known for its characteristic offbeats, which are characterized by an emphasis on the second and fourth beats, as well as for its political and socially critical lyrics.

In the 1970s, reggae became popular around the world, mainly due to artists like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, who brought reggae to the international stage. Today, reggae is one of the most well-known music genres in the world and has a large following outside of Jamaica.


What do rastas wear and what is reggae clothing?

Rastafarians often wear reggae-style clothing that reflects their lifestyle and beliefs. The Reggae clothing style is characterized by African, Caribbean and Western influences and stands for freedom, individuality and expressiveness. Reggae shops offer a wide variety of Rasta clothing and Reggae clothing worn by Rastafarians and Reggae fans around the world.

A typical garment for Rastafaris are reggae style clothes like the loincloth or trousers made of cotton or linen, which are often combined with a long shirt or jacket. Rastafarians also like to wear bright colors, particularly green, yellow, and red, which represent the colors of the Jamaican flag and the Rastafarian religion.

The wearing of dreadlocks, which are often combined by Rastafarians with Rastafarian women's clothing such as dresses and skirts, has a special meaning. For Rastafarians, dreadlocks are a symbol of their spirituality and their connection to Africa. Many Rastafarians also refrain from cutting their hair to preserve their natural beauty and purity.

Another symbol of Rastafarian culture is the tam, a wool or cotton hat often colored green, yellow, and red. Rastafarians often wear the tam as an expression of their faith and culture.

Overall, Rastafarian clothing is an important expression of their culture and values. They value simplicity, naturalness and spirituality and often wear reggae clothes and rastafarian clothing that reflect these values. Women in particular have a wide range of Rastafari women's clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. The reggae clothing and rastafarian clothing is worn not only by rastafarians but also by reggae fans around the world who appreciate the unique style and cultural significance of these garments.


Checklist: reggae fashion

  • Loincloth or cool cotton or linen pants that are loose and comfortable
  • A long-sleeved shirt or a stylish jacket that catches the eye with its unique design
  • Bright colors like the strong green of nature, the bright yellow of the sun and the strong red of love
  • Dreadlocks that flow wild and free, reflecting the wearer's personality
  • A cool green, yellow and red Tam hat to complete the Rastafarian look
  • Rastafarian women's clothing such as dresses and skirts that are not only comfortable but also stylish and emphasize the beauty of every woman
  • Natural materials such as cotton, wool and linen that are not only comfortable but also sustainable
  • The renunciation of fashionable accessories such as jewelery or make-up in order to emphasize natural beauty
  • Simple, natural and comfortable clothing that reflects the Rastafarian lifestyle and conveys a message of freedom and individuality.

Overall, the clothing of the Rastafarians is an expression of their personality and their values. They value simplicity, naturalness and individuality and wear clothing that reflects these values. With their unique style and expressiveness, Rastafarian clothing is a symbol of freedom, peace and love.


New interpretation of reggae clothing style with hemp and ethnic clothing

virblatt, a reggae shop for alternative clothing, has set itself the task of reinterpreting the reggae clothing style and combining it with hemp clothing, ethnic clothing and hippie style. The reggae clothing from virblatt is not only a fashion statement, but also an expression of freedom, individuality and spirituality.

The reggae style clothes from virblatt are made from sustainable materials such as hemp and cotton, which are not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly. The ethno clothing from virblatt combines the reggae clothing style with traditional patterns and designs from all over the world, creating a unique mixture of reggae and ethno look.

The Rasta clothing and Rastafari women's clothing from virblatt are particularly diverse and offer a large selection of clothing items such as dresses, skirts and trousers that are not only comfortable but also stylish. Inspired by the 1960s and the hippie movement, Virblatt's hippie style offers a variety of garments such as tie-dye shirts and pants that reflect the free spirit and individuality of hippie culture.

Overall, virblatt's reggae clothing is a unique interpretation of the reggae clothing style and offers a wide range of reggae clothing, rasta clothing and rastafari clothing. With its combination of hemp clothing, ethnic clothing and hippie style, Virblatt's reggae clothing offers an opportunity to interpret the reggae clothing style in a modern way and thus set a new standard for alternative clothing.

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