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We are poncho lovers and tell you everything you need to know about ponchos

virblatt has a variety of different ponchos in hippie and boho style in its range. The ponchos differ in cut, fabrics and colors. But what exactly is a poncho and what do you need a poncho for?

Actually, a poncho is a square cloth with a slit (hole) in the middle through which the head or neck is tucked. The rest of the blanket then hangs over your back, shoulders and chest as a warm extra layer. Depending on the length of the poncho, it can also reach lower over the hip area. 


What distinguishes a good poncho?

Typical features of ponchos can be:

  • Generous cut and plus sizes
  • Simple, relaxed fit
  • Often without buttons or zippers
  • Signature V or U shaped necklines
  • Embellishments such as fringes, embroidery or woven patterns
  • Often made of soft, warming materials such as wool or alpaca
  • Can be plain colored or have a colorful pattern
  • Comes in a variety of lengths and styles, from traditional to contemporary
  • Can be worn by men and women alike.

When do you wear a poncho?

A poncho is ideal for the transitional period in spring and autumn. A poncho offers you a warm extra layer, for example over your sweater or hoodie. A poncho keeps your shoulders and back warm without getting hot and sweaty like under a traditional jacket. The poncho can vary in length and width and can be worn short or long. A poncho is also a perfect festival companion. Your poncho for men or women can easily be pulled over and offers a chance to snuggle up even on cool morning hours. 


Where does the poncho actually come from?

The poncho originally comes from South America and is now widespread and can be found in many cultures. Basically, a poncho is a blanket with a hole in it, through which the head and neck can be stuck. Since a poncho can be easily made and does not require complicated patterns or great craftsmanship, the poncho was widespread among the natives of South America at the time. Ponchos for men and women are real all-rounders and were just as suitable as everyday clothing then as they are today. ethnic clothing, as we at virblatt love them. 

Are ponchos practical?

Whether it's a poncho for men or women, ponchos are very practical. You can easily throw your poncho over your outfit and have an extra layer of warm cotton or wool over your clothes. You don't have to slip into it in a complicated way either, since a poncho usually has no sleeves. A poncho also goes wonderfully with your outfit alternative clothing and hippie clothing. Make your poncho a hippie poncho and browse our category for many different ponchos.

What is so special about virblatt ponchos?

We offer virblatt ponchos in two different cuts and many different sizes. The special thing about ours Ponchos is that these are often reversible and can be worn on the outside either with a woven pattern or simply in one colour. We are true poncho lovers and play with many designs, patterns and fabrics and conjure up unique Baja ponchos and wool ponchos for you. Our Baja Ponchos are made of cotton or sheep's wool. We line our wool ponchos with an extra layer of fleece that keeps you warm, especially on cold days.

Where can I buy ponchos?

At virblatt, of course. We offer ponchos for men and women in our tops category. Order your poncho as festival clothes and hippie outfit and convince yourself of this universal piece of clothing and faithful companion.



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