Who makes your clothes?

As you know we are a family, and each of the small and micro-sized businesses we support by producing our range of eco-friendly clothes are key members of that family.

You are also as important to us, which is why we treat you as a friend, so that we can introduce you to the people who make the clothes you buy from us and are proud of the work that goes into creating each piece, so that you can call yourself a part of the family too.

We have achieved a lot in recent years, but we still have a lot to do. You can find out more about the latest projects we are working on in collaboration with our partners to bring you more ethical hippie clothes and sustainable fashion.

As our friends, we want to give you a transparent and open brand you can trust to be honest and authentic about the way we make our clothes, it’s what you deserve, and you only deserve the best.

Click below on each supplier to find out more about our production standards and values which we share with our partners. And read more about how we choose our manufacturing partners.

Each garment that you order from us has a small tag with a number on it. Enter this number here and you will find out who has made your garment. In our online shop you will also find the "Who makes your clothes?" tab for each product.

Type in the reference number:

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