Hanfschuhe in love with Haremshosen

Hemp shoes in love with harem pants

The inspiration behind our hemp shoes

The fascination of hemp: an ecological miracle material

Hemp has come back into focus in the fashion world because of its ecological benefits and versatility as a fabric. Hemp clothing is not only durable and robust, but also breathable and antibacterial. These properties make hemp the ideal material for clothing and shoes.

What shoes go with harem pants?

Given our diverse range of harem pants, the question arose: "Which shoes go with harem pants?" Our answer to this was our own Summer Shoes and espadrille-style hemp shoes that go perfectly with the loose and comfortable harem pants.

Hemp shoes: A stylish and sustainable choice

With the introduction of our hemp shoes, we wanted to create a shoe collection that not only visually but also ecologically impresses. Our hemp shoes are the answer to the question of how to combine harem pants stylishly and sustainably.

Popular with harem suspenders

Our hemp shoes have quickly become a favorite among harem wearers. They combine style, comfort and sustainability and show that fashion consciousness and environmental protection can go hand in hand.

By introducing our hemp shoes, we have offered a stylish and environmentally sustainable solution for anyone wondering what to wear with harem pants. They are proof that you don't have to choose between fashion and sustainability - with virblatt, both are possible.