What exactly are sarouel pants?

Sarouel pants have a wide cut and are also known as harem pants or Aladdin pants. These are often unisex and can be worn by men and women. It widens in section from the upper waistband to below the knees and is then usually tied or finished with an elastic waistband. The history of sarouel pants goes back a long way and this particular type of pants has its origins in Asia and the Arab world. 

Women's sarouel pants

Men's sarouel pants

Briefly summarized

  1. RELAXED FIT: Sarouel pants are known for their roomy and relaxed fit. They often have elastic at the waist and have a lot of fabric that falls around the hips and legs.
  2. Low crotch: The most distinctive feature of sarouel pants is the low crotch. This allows freedom of movement and gives the trousers their characteristic appearance.
  3. Elastic Waistband: Many sarouel pants have an elastic waistband that is comfortable and adjustable.
  4. Versatile Design: Sarouel pants come in a variety of designs, from plain solid colors to intricately patterned pants.
  5. Unisex Style: Sarouel pants are often unisex and can be worn by both men and women.
  6. Lightweight Materials: They are often made from lightweight materials such as cotton or linen, which make them ideal for warm weather conditions.
  7. Ethnic Influence: The style of sarouel pants often has ethnic or cultural influences and can incorporate elements from different countries and regions.
  8. Comfort: Due to their loose fit and low crotch, sarouel pants are very comfortable and offer a relaxed wearing experience.

Harem Pants von virblatt?

We design our alternative fashion and hippie clothing ourselves and thus also create our sarouel pants for men and women with unique designs and in many colors and cuts. In addition, we usually work together with artist friends who decorate our sarouel trousers and harem pants with magical and distinctive design elements and decorations. 

Harem pants are making a comeback

harem pants and Haremshosen are experiencing a real comeback during this time. But what is the best way to combine this type of trousers and what should I choose as a top? It's best when these oversize trousers are the center of attention. This means it's best paired with a fitted solid color top to really show off.  

How we fell in love with this style?

More than 10 years ago we discovered these unusual, particularly comfortable trousers on our travels through Asia. We loved trotting these on vacation and pairing them with simple crop tops. But would this fashion style also be suitable for everyday use? It takes a bit of courage and backbone to be the first in the town or city to walk around in wide-cut, short harem pants, known at the time as hippie pants, and we drew quite a few looks. But when we received feedback from friends and family, we knew that this fashion style would appeal not only to us but also to many other like-minded people. We then launched the virblatt brand and the rest is history today. 

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