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Fight the plastic bags and use them for new products

Let's fight plastic bags

Plastic waste is a huge problem especially in Thailand. We´ve never been to a country where we have been exposed to so many plastic bags used for every purpose, it´s insane. If you buy a drink at the store, it is already in a plastic bottle, you get it handed over in a plastic black together with a plastic straw that is packed in… you can guess… another plastic bag. We´re at a point in history where absolutely everything is affected by the remnants of plastic. You can find traces of the chemicals used to produce plastic bags in nearly every living organism. There is a garbage patch mostly made from old plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean which is three times as big as Texas. Three Times! That is beyond comparison especially if you know that this is not the only patch made from garbage in the Pacific Ocean. And that is just the plastic waste in the ocean, we cannot even begin to estimate how much waste is in and on the soil.

Also, a lot of cultural sicknesses are related to by-products of plastic making. We won´t take that any longer. 

We found likeminded people: 

Our friends Sahrah and Nghor had the same vision that we had. They were fed up with the plastic trash piling up in their village in the north of Thailand and decided to do something about it. They participated in the Trash Heromovement, a network dedicated to clear the world of plastic waste by founding chapters for people who are willing to collect old plastic waste and either dispose it correctly or reusing it to make new products out of it. Sahrah and Nghor are using a unique technique and compress old plastic bags to a beautiful layer of coloured plastic cloth which we use as lining to make our products impenetrable against water. This has a direct and meaningful impact to the villages around us and we work to expand that model as much as we can.

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