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Spinning hemp yarn

Value Tradition

We at virblatt have a deep respect for the traditional, time proven methods of fabricating clothes of the people we work with. We try to maintain their spirit in our production process starting at the first step: choosing materials and manufacturers for our ethical clothing. We want to integrate that by adapting their methods to this fast-changing world to preserve what has been taught by generations over the last decades.

Our partners are carefully chosen, and we support family like structures in the working places they provide. We don´t aim at pushing the capacity of our suppliers as we value quality and well-made ethical fashion products much more than having a short product life cycle. In our eyes it is bad corporate behaviour to force suppliers to adapt to fast productions for order fulfilment at the cost of leaving their own methods behind.

Last but not least we care about the materials used for manufacturing our alternative clothing. We only take fabric which has been tested and where we have an idea of the ecological impact. We decided against using cheap materials and dying methods when they harm the environment. All these measures aim at making the world a better place, small step by small step.

We care.

think about it. 

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