Why we are here?

Our Purpose

We believe that you can make the world a better place within the rules of the system and sometimes maybe a little bit outside. Conscious capitalism as we try to practice it includes the profit and wellbeing of all people we do business with and who support us. We see this company not as a moneymaking machine but as a vehicle for creating the kind of world we want to live an. As this is our purpose we orientate all our decisions at this goal.

We make our clothes from the best material we can get and know each of our suppliers personally and the working conditions and we take care that our work improves the lives of their employees. Of course, that’s often hard and we have to overcome a lot of obstacles for this but we certainly have a lot of fun on the way.

That’s what we do. We take care.

We think about it.


Supporting local communities in hemp production
Reusing waste fabric to create new products
Upcycling of old plastic bags
Round up and donate for children