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A local hemp farmer in Mae Rim North Thailand

Supporting local hemp 

For us hemp is not just another type of cloth but a product with the potential to change the world. It is very easy to grow, extremely sustainable and the processed products of it are of a supreme quality. Hemp is also the traditional plant used by the Hmong hill tribes in the north of Thailand to make fabrics for the traditional ethnic clothing. The plant is deeply rooted in the tradition of this hill tribe and part of their everyday life.

The Thai government just recently legalized the cultivation of hemp under special circumstances again.  We wanted to take part and now work together with the biggest Hmong community in Northern Thailand and started planting a new hemp field at the hillside. After harvesting they will process the hemp for us and we can take part in every step to see how our hemp clothing and hemp shoes are made. This is a holistic approach for us, we can assure that the Hmong people get enough money to live a good life and we know exactly how and where our alternative apparel is produced. 

Our goal is to extend that and plant many more hemp fields in the future and we´d love you to accompany us on our hemp journey.

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