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Round up and donate or one of our projects we support

Round up and donate

We implemented a donate option on our website where you can round up your payment for donation. The money you donate will be directly transferred to one of the following projects:

Water filtration systems

Building water filtration systems in the rural areas of Northern Thailand. 

Especially in the remote locations in Northern Thailand having clean water can still be difficult. We started to learn about water filtration systems and realized how much of an impact it can make in the villages. Sicknesses drops, overall life quality increases and the people are able to save money. After learning how to build a water filtration system by ourselves we decided that it is a worthwhile goal to pursue to offer as much villages as we can the opportunity to have clear water and we collect donation for an NGO that is specialized in building sand water filters. 

Kirsten Jade Rescue Center 

Another project of ours is to support the Kirsten Jade Rescue Center in Northern Thailand. This children’s village is home to a about 50 orphaned, impoverished and abused children. They live in family houses where house parents take care of them and where they get the chance to go to school and learn how to help themselves. We believe in their mission and were amazed by their facilities. We feel that they really make a difference for the children. 

School supplies for schools in the Kayin state

The Kayin state is a region in Myanmar. Sadly, there are many children in rural areas who have no proper access to school supplies. When realizing this we decided to support the NGO Child`s Dream Foundation with donations to provide textbooks, backpacks and essential schooling supplies for Kayin State schoolsto help the students to get a proper education and prepare them for the future. 

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