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Reusing waste fabric in our lappenwerk backpack collection

Upcycling waste fabric

While producing clothing we realized how much waste there still is. And if you got that far than you know that we have a problem with that. When making clothes a lot of cut off leftovers are just thrown away and especially with the handmade pattern by the hilltribes we think that that is a real shame as there is a lot of craftsmanship in it. So, we decided to make a whole product line based on the leftovers and try them to incorporate in our production process as much as possible. We try to use as much “waste” as possible as we realized there is the potential to make beautiful clothing out of it and offer it to the world.

It´s important to us to use the resources we have at hand to the complete extend so we waste as little as much. It might be a small step on a small scale, but we firmly believe that you need to improve the world in little but consistent steps to make a lasting change. In this manner our goal is to expand this as much as we can and use as much of the clothing and leftovers for new products and ideas. We also try to find ways with our suppliers to minimize the waste produced as much as we can.

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