Plant a tree!

Let's reduce our carbon footprint together. For 1 Euro we plant a tree with our partner Conserve Natural Forests in Northern Thailand.

1,00 Euro = 1 tree
2,00 Euro = 2 trees
5,00 Euro = 5 trees
10,00 Euro = 10 trees

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Plant a tree!

Or more... :)

virblatt has dedicated itself to one thing. Together with our friends and customers we want to give something back to our planet.

Since 2019 we have been diligently planting trees in the Mae Hong Son area in northern Thailand. In the meantime we have planted more than 20 thousand trees. We accompany reforestation projects and support them with financial means. Also you are needed. With only 1 Euro we can plant a new tree and with only 10 Euro we can create a small forest of ten trees.

Please support us with a donation in the amount you wish.


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