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Alternative clothing offers you the perfect opportunity to express your individual style. It doesn't matter whether you want the latest boho fashion, lively ethno clothing or comfortable, vegan hemp clothing you're looking for, we've got something that fits your alternative aesthetic. From hippie clothes to Baja ponchos, our range of clothing easily coordinates with any alternative lifestyle. We've curated a wide range of sizes, cuts and fabrics to flatter every body type and are sure to show off your unique personality. Dare to be different, be bold and shop alternative clothing today!


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How do you dress alternatively?

If you want to dress alternatively and hippie style, combine accessories and alternative clothes that have a sassy, carefree and colorful look and style. Alternative clothing should be fairly manufactured and made from natural materials such as cotton, hemp or linen. 

We at virblatt recommend harem pants or Aladdin pants with a wide cut for the summer. A tight, simple shirt is suitable as a top, optionally combined with a vest, cape or poncho. Together with an ethnic style bag and hemp shoes, the first step towards an alternative look has been taken, which should express your alternative lifestyle. Now you can wear accessories like a bandana, large earrings or necklaces with healing stones to complete your alternative outfit. Fringes and crochet complete your boho look. 

Alternative clothing checklist for men and women

  1. Wide-cut harem pants or Aladdin pants
  2. Tight top with Psy print or simply plain
  3. Vest, poncho or baja jacket to cover
  4. Hemp shoes like espadrilles or hippie sandals
  5. Lots of accessories like necklaces, bracelets, bandanas


Alternative fashion should always be a real alternative!

Alternative fashion and alternative clothing should always be a real alternative to mainstream fashion. It is therefore important that alternative clothing is manufactured fairly and also offers a true alternative in style. No uniform mishmash but individual crazy designs are in demand. Yes, you stand out with alternative clothing. But that's exactly what we at virblatt want. With our alternative clothing, we also want to convey our attitude to life and our mindset to the outside world. We started designing and manufacturing alternative clothing for men and women more than 10 years ago because we finally wanted a fashion direction that corresponded to our free and modern hippie way of life. virblatt has established itself as an integral part of this fashion direction over the years and is often a pioneer in styles and looks. 

For us at virblatt, alternative clothing for men and women always means a rejection of mainstream and mass-produced clothing that everyone wears. We appreciate individual and open ways of life and give people with an alternative attitude to life the opportunity to dress alternatively. 


Alternative fashion by virblatt

We have designed every product in our range ourselves and really put all our love into every little detail. Whether it's on the outskirts of Chiang Mai North Thailand or on the rooftops of Kathmandu, we create unique and beautiful designs that are transformed into the final garments with high quality. There is also a wide variety of alternative clothing blogs or see if you Pinterest discover something interesting. We are glad that you liked this unique and unusual fashion.

How we design our alternative clothes?

Each of our pieces tells its own story. It's up to you to update them. We combine tradition in our designs ethnic clothing and modern together and thus create a harmonious combination of several worlds. Combined into a piece of clothing, we create it alternative clothing for men and alternative clothing for women, which you just don't find on every corner.

How do we make our alternative clothing?

It is a matter close to our hearts to work with our suppliers on an equal footing and to advance this project together with them. Everyone involved in the production process should be involved and fairly rewarded. We only manufacture in small and medium-sized family businesses, because this is where we have the most influence and can get an idea of what's going on.

How do we ship virblatt clothes?

We ship CO2-neutral throughout Europe! We are particularly proud of that. We ship from our small warehouse in Radolfzell on Lake Constance, which is also run by a family member. From there becomes ours GOA clothing, festival clothes and alternative mode sent to you. We are usually super fast with shipping and have received a lot of positive feedback so far.