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Our Story


This is the story of our company, virblatt. This is about how it became our business. 

We wanted to travel the world so we figured that Asia would be a good start. So we did what many others do, we booked a flight to Bangkok – the gateway to Asia. And to make it more challenging for us (and tougher for our parents) we didn´t book anything in advance. Who doesn´t love an adventure?

It turned out to be a great idea. While spending our days in Bangkok we met a huge variety of travellers. And everyone has a unique story. And this is how we finally made up our minds to where we will have our journey. Consequently we spent many nights in buses and night trains. To see nice beaches, eat every kind of food we could find, visit parks, see viewpoints and waterfalls, elephants, snake shows, crocodile shows, monkey shows,– every show you can imagine. And yeah, that one too.

While buying cheap clothes here we realized that there is one thing every traveller had: the most relaxing clothing ever. Drop crotch pants were now a part of our life.

It got us. And when we went home we thought to just leave this beautiful land with our memories. We returned home with an idea that would change our lives. While we were studying and working, we bought more harem pants and intended to sell them on the internet.

Everything was new to us: Shipping boxes of harem pants to Germany, importing them, counting and categorizing, doing photos  and creating offers. At first we had just 100 pants on Ebay which we bought in a small shop in Bangkok. We were astonished. It worked. So we reinvested everything we got to buy new harem pants to set up a small online shop and created the brand bonzaai. For a very long time we worked just for the fun of it, not for the money.

But then we became curious: Where do our pants come from under what conditions? From there travelling became a mission. To meet the people behind our clothes: We got to know Thai families that set up tailoring facilities in their backyards, Asian hill tribes on the mountains, that are known for the weavings and embroideries. Meeting all of these people gave us a unique perspective and a chance to create our own style.

While expanding our travels, our business grew and sales went up. Honestly, we just wanted to trek in the hills and escape the business life we created around us. Meanwhile we were still working and studying as our  business was still exclusively our passion. So we set up out to Nepal to get a bit of fresh air and leave that temporary madness behind. But to our surprise Nepal turned out to be the perfect place for alternative clothing. We immersed in the Nepalese business world, faster and more vibrant than the Thai world. Subsequently we became friends with Nepalese tailors as we also wanted to know where our products in Kathmandu come from and we were offered Nepalese hospitality when we were invited to our new friend’s home for dinner.

With entering a more international market we thought we could do the same. We expanded our sales internationally and created a new brand: virblatt. virblatt is for people like us who care about where their products come from. People with an alternative lifestyle.

This is us. 

think about it.

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