Hemp shoes

virblatt hemp shoes with ethnic patterns

We developed unique and stylish hemp shoes for men and women. You can find hemp espadrilles, hemp sandals and closed summer shoes in different designs. We love hemp and we are convinced about this promising material. The hemp fabric is handwoven, you can feel the love of detail in the texture of the fabric. Recently we started a project to find out where our hemp comes from and we are aiming at providing you complete transparency about our hippie shoes and hippie sandals.

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Vegan shoes

Most of the virblatt family members are vegan. Our goal with our hemp shoes and vegan shoes is among others to avoid harming nature and animals. We believe in the vegan spirit and are convinced that hemp is a perfect material for veganism. Combined with lovely designs this results in beautiful hippie shoes for men and women. We are constantly improving our hemp shoes and are working on the best solutions to provide a maximum stability and to make them a long-lasting travelling companion for you. If you can provide us any feedback, we appreciate it. Together we can succeed on this path.

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