Fair produced hemp shoes and hippie shoes

Hemp shoes and hippie shoes 

Hemp clothing by virblatt is made with love

It is amazing how much positive feedback we received from our customers who bought our hemp shoes. It does not matter it they were them for casual events or as hippie shoes everywhere. We really appreciate it and most important we constantly work on making our hemp shoes better in terms of design and quality.

Hemp sandals and hippie sandals 

We started with creating unique hemp sandals and hippie sandals in form of espadrilles shoes. Some are made of plain undyed natural handwoven hemp fabric, some are dyed in black to ensure a greater variety. We also made closed hemp shoes for men and women, hemp sandal wedges and hippie flip flops made of hemp and are very proud that we developed not only our hemp clothing line but also ourselves.  

Where does our hemp clothing come from?

The hemp we use is handwoven by ethnic minorities from North Thailand and Laos. Especially the Hmong peoples use this amazing fabric traditionally for their festive clothing. Hemp is a great alternative fabric and convinces especially in terms of eco-friendly clothing, because less water, herbicides and insecticides are needed for cultivating it. And there are more advantages to it. The hemp fabric itself is promising too. It absorbs moisture, is antibacterial and very robust. The perfect material to make hippie shoes and hippie clothes.

Vegan shoes

We don’t use any material made of animals. Once we had small badges made of real leather. But we stopped using it, because we believe not only in a vegan diet but also are convinced about vegan fashion. Let’s keep the animals alive and don’t use them for fashion items. Check out our vegan shoes and vegan sandals and let us know what you think about it.

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