Hemp bags

Hemp bags and hippie bags

virblatt offers unique hemp bags and hemp backpacks.

The hemp fabric is handwoven and has special convincing characteristics. Besides the robust material, hemp is very special because it needs much less water, no pesticides and insecticides in the growing process. We love materials, which keep our nature clean. We combine our hippie bags and hippie bags with ethnic hill tribe handcrafted patterns and manufacture them in a small family business in Northern Thailand. The results are robust and stylish bohemian bags for men and women.

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Ethnic bags and ethnic backpacks

Most of our hemp clothing like hemp bags are made by a lovely Hmong family. Hmong is an ethnic minority in Southeast Asia with an amazing history of arts and culture. You can feel the love of detail in each of our boho bags and boho backpacks. We are currently working on a fascinating project to grow hemp together with a local Hmong community in Thailand and we would like to take you along on our exciting hemp journey.

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