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Hemp bags and hippie bags

We fell in love with hemp fabric and hemp yarn

We started to fall in love with hemp fabric. Here in North Thailand, Laos and Myanmar you can find handwoven hemp fabric with a nice texture. Hemp has a lot of advantages compared to cotton and synthetic fibers. The cultivation needs far less water, pesticides and insecticides then cotton. Also, hemp can be described as a robust, water absorbing and anti-bacterial fabric. virblatt uses this amazing material mainly for hemp bags and hemp backpacks. However, there are plenty of arguments why we should focus on using hemp in all our alternative clothes. 



Ethnic bags from local manufacturing 

The hemp is handwoven in small hill tribe communities. These ethnical minorities like Hmong peoples traditionally use hemp since a long time and developed extraordinary skills in processing it. Combined with handcrafted embroideries and weavings this results in unique and beautiful ethnic bags and ethnic backpacks. We like to work together with small-scale businesses and community projects. Therefore, we combine modern designs with traditional elements to meet the western taste of our customers.

Hippie bags and hippie backpacks

You are a traveler? Someone who calls the world his home? Then you will feel the love and passion we put into our hippie bags and hippie backpacks. We share the same philosophy of freeing our minds while traveling, meditating and relaxing. Each day we learn something new. Something exciting, which we carry with us. The hippie and traveler culture is rising and more and more people are attracted to our boho bags and boho backpacks. If you also want join our path you are welcome to be part of our journey.

Hemp clothing by virblatt

We currently plant a hemp field in cooperation with a local community in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are proud to be part of it because we consider it as our duty to show you where our hemp clothing comes from and how it is produced. To create a sustainable way of living our thinking about fashion needs to change. Let’s go a step ahead and value slow fashion.


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