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Handwaving hemp fabric

Your Choice: Hemp!

There is a reason why we use hemp: Because it’s awesome! It´s a time-tested material in use for clothing. The first records of clothes made out of  hemp where made in Germany 5500AD in the city of Tübingen, Germany. In comparison to cotton hemp needs less water, less pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and grows faster. It´s deep roots aerate and anchor the soil in which it is grown. And finally, it produces more fibre per sqm than flax, linen or cotton. The range of products which can be made from hemp is indescribably long (somewhere around 50 000 different Products) and all parts of the plant can be fully used. Did you now that you can even make oil and concrete out of hemp? So obviously it´s an amazing versatile plant. We use it in our clothing because it´s naturally antimicrobial so it won´t smell that fast, it absorbs and releases perspiration quickly and breathes well, it´s very durable and never needs dry cleaning, resists mold and mildew and gets softer and softer the more it is washed. Also,

If you get a stain on it you just need some soap and in most cases you will be fine. 

Apart from being an extremely useful crop hemp is deeply embedded in the culture of the hilltribes with which we work closely. For centuries they are used to grow hemp in the mountains to make threads, fabric and clothing out of it and we love being a part of that and help them sustaining their traditions. In our Hemp journey we try to help them plant more fields and use their materials for making better and more sustainable products in any way we can find.


It´s the future. It´s Awesome.

We use it.

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