virblatt harem pants for men and women


Unisex harem pants 

virblatt harem pants women and harem pants men

virblatt is well known for its own designed harem pants, genie pants and hippie pants in a unique design. We work with local artists to create our patterns and printings. Most of our printings are discharged to prevent from fading out. The purpose is to ensure high quality and long-lasting patterns, bright colors and a good finishing. We want to create harem pants, that will accompany you as long as possible. Only when focusing on the quality we can truly represent the philosophy of slow fashion. 



Genie pants 

We love ethical clothing and work a lot with handmade weavings and embroideries while designing our genie pants. Those fascinating pieces of fabrics are sourced locally in North Thailand and Laos. With every pair of genie pants we aim to value the tradition and handcraft of those interesting hill tribe people and ethical minorities located in Southeast Asia. 

Yoga pants

We and a lot of our customers use our harem pants as yoga pants to perform daily yoga practices. They provide a maximum freedom of movement and a great comfort because of the wide cut and the dropped crotch. Drop crotch pants as yoga pants create freedom for your body and mind. Yoga means much more than an activity or a kind of gymnastic. We consider yoga as a lifestyle and a way to get in touch with your body and the spirits of the nature. Try our yoga pants and we are sure you will like it as much as we do!

Balloon pants

Some people call the typical drop crotch pants balloon pants, elephant pants or Thai pants. In the end, they are all the same. What matters is the comfort and the style to express your alternative lifestyle. Of course, harem pants can also be combined with other hippie clothes, boho clothing or ethical clothing. Be creative and express your own kind of style.


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