Genie pants

Genie pants by virblatt are easy to match with tops, t-shirts and jackets. The drop crotch pants are light and cool for summer time, great for meeting up with your friends fully comfy and confident. Choose from a great variety of cuts, colors and patterns.
Amongst other summer pants virblatt offers palazzo pants for women that know what they want.

Wide variety of Aladdin pants

virblatt offers a wide range of Aladdin pants with worldwide shipping from Thailand. Your biggest difficulty might become to choose just one pair of pants out of the huge product line. We offer genie pants in different colors, patterns, prints, cuts and styles. Our Aladdin pants are designed by a young team that is inspired by the cultures around the world, combining western and oriental styles. Genie pants by virblatt are unique clothes made in small family run factories in Northern Thailand and Nepal. The decoration patterns at the waist and at the cuffs or at the side pockets of many genie pants are woven or embroidered scarves that are made by women of the Asian Naga and the Hmong hill tribes.

Cropped harem pants

To round up our product line for summer clothes we offer a vast selection of cropped harem pants in hippie style. There is a full category dedicated to cropped harem pants men and cropped harem pants women. This category includes various styles of cropped pants like balloons pants, flowy pants and baggy pants.

Boho clothing

Summer is full of events and festivals where you want to wear a special outfit. Our online shop offers a wide range of summer clothes for women and men. If you are passionate about boho style clothes, you are at the right place. Women can browse through our new collection of palazzo pants and flowy pants, men can choose of a great variety of cropped harem pants or choose something special in our hemp collection. Every piece is unique as they are decorated with handmade details, the love of detail offers eye-catchers: our genie pants and harem pants are made in small family run factories in Thailand and Nepal, where we follow each step of the production.
Our summer clothes are also ideal as travel clothes, boho clothing and ethical clothing by virblatt are a great companion for your journey.

We at virblatt are passionate about our products and their origin. We love and care about what we do, taking great emphasis on the people behind our products. We also take part in humanitarian projects by supporting social projects that we got to know throughout our journeys in Thailand and Nepal. You can also take part and support these projects when buying our boho clothing by rounding up for donation in the check-out.
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Sustainable clothing for summer and winter

Fashion is all around the year no matter if you wear boho clothing or alternative apparel. For summer, we offer a wide range of cropped harem pants and tops for winter you can find reversible clothes and winter jackets that will keep you warm on cold days. For the coldest days, we offer wool jackets made of high quality wool. You won’t feel cold with virblatt’ wool jackets.

Women accessories

Go crazy with our artisan jewelry in bohemian style matching your boho clothing, such as handbags, backpacks and ballerina shoes. Our ethnic accessories are made of cork, hemp and bamboo. Don’t miss the yoga props while browsing.  

“Life is not the same without your favorite harem pants. Wear them short or long, as they make you happier”