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Ethical clothing and hippie clothes 

Slow fashion harem pants, baja hoodies, hemp bags and hemp shoes

We want you to know that virblatt does not buy its harem pants and alternative clothes at any market for cheap mass-produced products. We design all our hippie clothes and hemp clothing by ourselves and manufacture them in small local family businesses. We believe that hippie clothes for men and women should not be pigeonholed for defined hippies. It should reflect a certain lifestyle, equally that is what our boho clothing should reflect: a sustainable lifestyle. That’s why we decided to work more and more with alternative fabrics like bamboo and hemp to create unique hippie designs. 



Handwoven hemp clothing 

Hemp fabric has a lot of well-known advantages. Among others it is robust and needs less water, pesticides and insecticides compared to cotton. That’s why we fell in love with hemp fabric. We mainly use it for our hemp bags and hemp shoes. Are you also convinced of this amazing material? Join our hemp journey!

Ethnic clothing and fashion

virblatt works with small family businesses and cooperates with local ethnic minorities to produce unique clothing and alternative apparel. We love the craftmanship of handmade embroideries and weavings. The colorful patterns are use to decorate our hippie clothes to make it special and to value the beauty of tradition. 

Harem pants and genie pants

While we now offer different kinds of ethical clothing like baja hoodies, hemp bags and hemp shoes we started off selling harem pants. The comfort of drop crotch pants is indescribable and they truly reflect the open-minded traveler spirit which we carry deep in our hearts. We design them completely by our own. The patterns are made by local artists, which we are proud to call our friends. What makes virblatt boho clothing really special are the handmade weaving and embroidery patterns that decorate our products down to the last detail. Do you see the love we put in the creation of our hippie clothing and do you share the same passion for slow fashion? Then join our journey and become part of our family.


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