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We design all of our hippie clothes and ethnical clothing

Designed by virblatt


We´re proud that every product in our line is designed by us personally! In here you will just find unique, handmade and self designed goods made by suppliers we know personally and trust. Every product we offer has gone through a carefully innovation process and has a lot of small details for beauty and a good everyday use. We design our clothes with traditional embroideries from the hilltribes in the surrounding mountains and gather inspiration from their traditional methods and unique way to produce clothing.

When thinking about our products we ask ourselves: What are we missing in the standard harem pants or traditional Thai clothing? How can we make it better? What would a conscious and thoughtful customer want and how can we live up to that standard? As such we reiterated, tested and tried again and again until we were satisfied with the outcome and can offer a high-quality product with a conscious mind. We take care that the product will be long-living and of high quality and complying with actual environmental standards. We did our best and we look forward to you profiting off that.


We thought about it. We worked on it.

We are proud of it.

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