Hemp Bags & Hippie Accessories

Each and every single one of the bags we design in our range of hippie bags and backpacks takes a moment to celebreate the diversity of our team of tailors across Asia, giving you a wide selection of Ethno bag and Ethno backpacks to choose from to compliment your hippie fashion collection.

Each of these Ethno Clothing accessories have been individually tailored using innovative and alternative materials such as bamboo and hemp to create sustainable clothing options which are fashion foward and guilt-free.

Our hemp is homegrown and expertly handled by our trusted Hill Tribe community groups who are experts in the uses of this textile, and masters of top-quality hippie bag designs. Each design celebrates the traditions and culture of their makers, and gives you a reliable and stylish alternative fashion accessory to take on your travels and adventures with confidence. At virblatt, you will find the travel backpack, hemp bag or even school bag to suite your hippie style.

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