Shoes to wear with harem pants


Harem pants are well known all around the world as the comfiest pants but sometimes they are thought as inappropriate for certain occasions. We want to prove that this is not true.

The most comfortable way to combine your genie pants are flat shoes. virblatt offers beautiful hemp shoes for men and women: hemp ballerinas for women and hemp espadrilles for men.

Our hemp shoes are available in different colors and with different patterns. Hemp is the perfect material for shoes as it eco sustainable, super resistant and sweat absorbent. This makes them ideal for a long walk and a casual look.

For ladies that would love to wear harem pants in elegant occasions, you can simply wear high heels and add some of your favorite accessories, a top and your matching purse; if you like it a bit taller but casual you can transform your look by wearing wedge sandals.

Men and women that prefer an alternative and rebel look, match your harem pants with boots.

Wear what makes you feel happy and you will always be stylish in your harem pants.