Our story

virblatt is a family.

A family that has set itself the goal of making a difference. We don't just want to create alternative clothes. No, we want to make a difference. 

Today we are by no means perfect. We would never presume to do that. But we fight hard every day to become a bit more sustainable and fairer on the planet and people we deal with every day.

The well-being of all people involved, from the supplier to you, our customer and friend, is very important to us. Together we would like to run a sustainable company, which, apart from all the rules of capitalism, does not focus on low prices, but increasingly on ecological and social compatibility. 

Join us on this journey and help us to go the right way. Let’s learn together and share information that can empower us to make better choices.

Our family uses its heart to guide us, and our heart is passionate about creating eco-friendly fashion choices that can help us save the planet from the mistakes of the past, so that our children have a planet worth living in. 

think about it.


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