I'm Mahesh and I'm proud to make your wool jacket


"I'm Mahesh and I'm proud to make your wool jacket."

On one of our first trips to Nepal we met Mahesh and instantly became friends with this open and welcoming man. He runs a family business in Kathmandu Nepal with his brother specialising in making cardigans. As we got closer and learned more about his values and vision for his business, we realised that he would be an amazing person to collaborate and learn from on our journey to creating sustainable fashion.

So far he has helped us create some of our most popular jacket designs, and we have shared many happy memories with him, which is why we wanted to introduce you to Mahesh, our partner and friend of virblatt.

Family Business.

Mahesh is family man through and through, so it is only natural that his whole production team is made up of uncles, aunts and cousins who have been working with him from the beginning of his fashion journey. You can feel the love between each family member whenever you visit their shop, and that is why we were so excited to have him help us with making our jackets.

Top Quality Sheep Wool.

The wool Mahesh uses to create our clothes is imported all the way from New Zealand because of its high-quaility.

Natural Processing.

We chose this sheep wool because it is not treated with chemicals to change the natural feel and touch of the material. This is why at first our jackets feel rougher than synthetic cottons used on the mainstream market.

Quality, not Quanity.

The love that is shared between each member of his team is poured into the work Mahesh and his family do. Every detail is checked for quality, and each button, every seam is a proud example of their teamwork. This is why is takes a little longer to make some of the creations we have available at virblatt.

Spread the Love.

This is exactly what Mahesh and his family stand for, in the work they do, and also in the community they serve. After the recent earthquakes in Nepal he and his family closed down production to assist in rebuilding their neighbourhood and helping those in need; just one example of his charecter and unwavering values for frienship and unity.

We would like to thank Mahesh for being at our side at the beginning of our journey and for always listening to us, we are lucky to call him friend.

Together we are on a long and exciting journey. Together.