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The clothing industry can and must bring about change towards how we make clothes. Not only because our lives depend on it, but so too do the lives of future generations to come.

The problem is progress seems to be taking too long to achieve our environmental goals and not enough people are onboard with fighting climate change by changing their behaviours.

The sad truth is that it's simply too late to bury our heads in the sand. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to set an example among other brands, as well as our loyal supporters on how to be better fashion lovers.

Also in 2020 we have planted trees together with our friends, customers and virblatt. You can download the report here as PDF:

Reforestation Report

The reduction of and compensation for our CO2 emissions.

Reduction: To this end, we have drawn up a catalogue of measures which we can address directly. Working through all points piece by piece in order to minimise our damage to nature as sustainably as possible. To see this catalogue contact us to receive your own copy of the PDF.

Compensation: At the end of an order we charge 45 cents per product. This amount will be completely invested in the reforestation of natural forests in North Thailand. With 45 cents we can plant a tree and thus compensate the CO2 footprint of your order.

Together with our afforestation goals we will be able to invest in the conservation of forests that will help us suck as much CO2 as possible out of the atmosphere organically with the help of mother nature herself.

think about it.


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