Hippie fashion trend of the year


We always loved the Baja Hoodie style, but the reputation of these men jackets is not the best. They are known as Drug Rug or Mexican Threads Hoodie and a mostly associated to cannabis users. From Mexico the Baja jackets made their way to the American surfer´s coasts.

virblatt wants to change the bad connotation of Baja sweatshirts so they will be associated as the best men jackets you can wear. For now we offer two variations of the Baja hoodies. One with a very colorful pattern and the other one with a black-and-white pattern.

Baja Hoodie Rotterdam

Baja Hoodie Amsterdam


Why are they better than common Drug Rugs? These two Baja hoodies have a black inner lining made of 100 % cotton. This gives you a soft and comfortable feeling on your skin and protects you from wind. The jackets are equipped with drawstrings at the waist and hoodie for a perfect fit and to keep you warm on windy days.

The colorful men´s hoodie Rotterdam can be worn as a sweater or poncho and it features a large front pocket.

The hooded Baja jacket Amsterdam is perfect for every occasion. It´s elegant and hippie at the same time with a zip, two side pockets and an inside pocket.

What are you waiting for? These hippie jackets are just perfect as festival clothing.