virblatt ambassador

Become an ambassador

virblatt’s ambassador program is a community of free spirits all around the world that would like to share virblatt passion and work. At our top priority is that being a virblatt ambassador is fun, it is a space to connect with other interesting people and to share our passion with the rest of the world.

virblatt is an alternative clothing brand with a big target – to change the business in the fashion industry. We do not only design our clothes and accessories that are inspired by the world surrounding us, but we also care where our clothes come from and who made them.  virblatt yoga ambassador

Working on the same footage as our suppliers, virblatt is a big family and a work in progress.

Being part of our family means also to take part in our projects and thus to follow our steps from the idea of a new collection to the finished products – you might be the first one to wear them!


What we want?

Sharing virblatt´s aim and helping us to build up a community of free spirited and open-minded people -

  1. A virblatt ambassador must share high quality content: one photo or video at least every two weeks.
  2. A virblatt ambassador should support customers that get in touch through his/her preferred social media channel for further information about us and our products.
  3. A virblatt ambassador should give feedback on our products for our continuous product improvements.
  4. A virblatt ambassador should be part of our family!virblatt ambassador



You will be listed on our website with your picture and small biography with the social media contacts you want to share; you will receive free items every sometime such as new products, sample products for testing and accessories. We will provide you a super discount code (-30%) for your personal purchase on our online shop and a referral link that will allow you to earn money on referral (10% on sold items).


Who can apply?

Everyone and from everywhere in the world that is interested in our program is welcome to send his application form answering to a few questions. We would love to get to know you.


Successful Ambassador

virblatt will get in touch with you after revising your application, it is not important to us if you have a small number of followers or a huge number, but you have to be inspiring. Allow us some time to come back to you.

This is not a life-time contract, you cancel the collaboration at any time by sending us an email. This is the same for us, if we see you are not motivated enough, we can cut all benefits at any time after getting in touch with you.