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Bamboo Straws

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Bamboo biodegradable straws are the easy answer to our global plastic problem. These bamboo drinking straws are real bamboo straws that make them eco bamboo straws you can take with on your travels without any guilt or worry about adding to the impact of pollution on our oceans. Our long bamboo straws reusable which means that this eco-friendly option is added value for money as well.
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Bamboo Straws

These real bamboo straws are our contribution to the global plastic pollution crisis littering our oceans. These eco bamboo straws are genuine bamboo reusable straws that can last hundreds of thirst-quenching juices and delicious fresh fruit smoothies, while also being bamboo biodegradable straws that cultivate the earth once you are done with them.

Not only are these long bamboo straws reusable they are practical and easy to travel with. Each of our bamboo straws come with as a pair with their own hemp made bamboo straw holder and cleaner, making it easy for these bamboo reusable straws to be taken with you on your adventures around the world.

We love a tasty drink as much as you, which is why we tested out several ecofriendly straw options before choosing this range of bamboo stir straws. Not only does the organic bamboo drinking straws give you a natural way of enjoying your refreshments, it also gives you bamboo cocktail straws that add an extra element of mindfulness and fun whenever you use them.

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