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Baja Hoodies

Baja hoodies and baja jackets

We are proud to show you our new collection of baja hoodies and baja jackets

In the last months, we worked hard on our goal to put drug rug baja hoodies and baja jackets on the highest level in terms of quality and design. We integrated a cotton lining to provide strength and comfort to the drug rug hoodies. The designs are oriented to Mexican hoodies, which became famous in the last years as surfers began to wear them. You can choose between baja patterns, hemp jackets and hemp hoodies. The hemp is grown locally in Nepal and woven in a small family business. 

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Hippie jackets and hippie hoodies

We constantly improve our products down to the last detail and put all of our love into them. We welcome your feedback about our hippie jackets and hippie hoodies. We are on an ongoing development process in the direction of more sustainability in our hippie clothes and hemp clothing. Together with you we can succeed to make our products long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

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