Baja hoodie and hemp hoodie

Drug rug jackets and drug rug hoodies designed by virblatt

Wooow! Have you ever seen baja hoodies and hemp hoodies in such a good quality and style. We guess not. We are convinced about our hemp jackets and hippie jackets as our goal was to make them much better than conventional drug rug baja jackets. We believe that by making our hemp clothing long-lasting we can contribute to a better and more sustainable world. Therefore, we integrated an inner layer, used high quality zippers and focused on a professional finishing.  

Mexican hoodie and hippie hoodie 

Some say baja hoodies are part of Mexican clothing and of course the design originates from ethnical clothing. At virblatt you can find nice baja fabrics but also beautiful hemp jackets and hemp hoodies. Find a unique product range of hippie hoodies and unique clothing at virbaltt. virblatt jackets are made for you and your alternative lifestyle.

Baja poncho

We also have nice designed baja ponchos and hooded ponchos in our shop. All of them are manufactured in a small production in Nepal. We love this country and we are happy to call our Nepalese business partners our friends. Our mission is to work constantly on improving the factory and the life of all people involved. Do you value ethical clothing?


think about it.

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